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Add test image and test for non-animatable properties

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nvh committed Sep 15, 2016
1 parent 66801fc commit 44b09ae09a0ec6029bbdbd0fb0c79884b5b04d12
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  1. BIN test/phantomjs/static/test2.png
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@@ -94,6 +94,13 @@ describe "LayerStates", ->
layer.animateTo 'stateA', instant: true
layer.html.should.equal "fff"

it "should switch non animatable properties", ->
layer = new Layer
layer.states.stateA = {x: 100, image:"static/test2.png"}
layer.animateTo 'stateA', instant: true
layer.x.should.equal 100
layer.image.should.equal "static/test2.png"

it "should not convert html to a color value if used in a state", ->
layer = new Layer
layer.states.stateA = {x: 100, html: 'aaa'}

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