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Framer -
## Framer Prototyping

For a complete overview, downloads and docs please visit [](

### About

Framer is a modern prototyping tool. It can help you to quickly build and test complex interactions and rich animations for both desktop and mobile.

### Developing

To start developing, clone the code and install the dependencies with `npm install`. To make a new build run `make build` or `make buildw` to keep watching and rebuild on file changes.

### Tests

To run the tests run `make test` or `make testw` to keep watching and test on file changes. The tests are run in PhantomJS, a headless version of WebKit. You can also run the tests in the browser directly by simply opening `test/index.html`.

### Contributing

We love contributions. If you like to help out and need ideas what to work on send me a [message](

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