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# Framer.js

[![wercker status]( "wercker status")](

**Framer.js** is an open source JavaScript framework for rapid prototyping.
Framer.js allows you to define animations and interactions, complete with filters, spring physics, 3D effects and more. It's bundled with **Framer Generator**, an application that allows you to import layers directly out of Photoshop and Sketch.

@@ -90,5 +92,3 @@ There are also a set of visual and interactive tests for Framer Studio which you
- [Framer Studio]( - Prototyping application for OS X, built on Framer
- [Latest Builds]( - Latest builds of Framer.js
- [Framer 3 Changes]( - What's new in Framer 3

[![wercker status]( "wercker status")](

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