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Koen Bok committed Oct 26, 2015
1 parent 42b7a4b commit 8c8bac45f4d4f9ea017e97f19e670e88acc9bf6d
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@@ -101,12 +101,24 @@ class exports.Animation extends EventEmitter
console.warn "Animation: nothing to animate, all properties are equal to what it is now"
return false

# If this animation wants to animate a property that is already being animated, it stops
# that currently running animation. If not, it allows them both to continue.
for property, animation of @_target.animatingProperties()

if @_stateA.hasOwnProperty(property)
# We used to ignore animations that tried animation already animating properties
# console.warn "Animation: property #{property} is already being animated for this layer by another animation, so we bail"

# We also need to account for derivatives from x, y
if property is "x" and (
@_stateA.hasOwnProperty("minX") or
@_stateA.hasOwnProperty("midX") or

# But after some consideration, we actually just stop the animation that is animation those properties for this one
if property is "y" and (
@_stateA.hasOwnProperty("minY") or
@_stateA.hasOwnProperty("midY") or

if @options.debug

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