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@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ imageLayer.states.animationOptions = {
###### Toggle states on click
imageLayer.on(Events.Click, function() {
imageLayer.onClick(function(event) {
@@ -69,16 +69,16 @@ You can safely move things around in Sketch or Photoshop and re-import. Generato
Check the [wanted features wiki page]( for ideas to work on.

##### Building

- Download or clone the code
- Make sure you have node and npm >= 2 installed
- Run `make build` to build the latest version
- Run `make watcher` to rebuild the latest version on changes
- Run `make` to rebuild the latest version on changes

##### Testing

- Run `make test` to run the unit tests in phantomjs
- Run `make watch` to rerun the unit tests on changes
- Run `make coverage` to generate a test coverage report
- Run `make` to retest the latest version on changes

There are also a set of visual and interactive tests for Framer Studio which you can find in test/studio.

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