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Clean up build dir before distribution, switch to curl

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eelco committed Jun 27, 2016
1 parent 99980ec commit a7a6de03f3a0f114b724379f077f77a3cd6dc98c
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# Copy over the project structure
# Clean up previous builds
rm -Rf build/Framer
mkdir -p build/Framer

# Copy over the project structure
cp -R extras/templates/Project build/Framer/Project

# Copy over the framer build files
rm -Rf build/Framer/Project/framer
mkdir -p build/Framer/Project/framer
cp build/framer.js build/Framer/Project/framer/framer.js
cp build/ build/Framer/Project/framer/

# Download the latest generator
cd build/Framer; wget "$GENERATOR_LATEST" -O "generator.tgz"; tar zxf "./generator.tgz"; rm "./generator.tgz"; cd -
cd build/Framer
curl "${GENERATOR_LATEST// /%20}" -o "generator.tgz"
tar zxf "./generator.tgz"
rm "./generator.tgz"
cd -

# Clean up and zip the result
find build/Framer -name ".DS_Store" -depth -exec rm {} \;
cd build; zip -r -y Framer
cd build
zip -r -y Framer

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