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Add back screen scale functions

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koenbok committed Oct 27, 2014
1 parent 2e07617 commit a82c4fbaec76a913bd07fac12153df286c3a1bfb
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@@ -316,6 +316,26 @@ class exports.Layer extends BaseClass
# TODO: I don't think this is correct yet because you have to account
# for scale+origin and rotation+origin each step in the layer hierarchy.

screenOriginX = ->
if @_superOrParentLayer()
return @_superOrParentLayer().screenOriginX()
return @originX

screenOriginY = ->
if @_superOrParentLayer()
return @_superOrParentLayer().screenOriginY()
return @originY

screenScaleX: ->
if @_superOrParentLayer()
return @_superOrParentLayer().screenScaleX()
return @scale * @scaleX

screenScaleY: ->
if @_superOrParentLayer()
return @_superOrParentLayer().screenScaleY()
return @scale * @scaleY

screenScale: ->
scale = @scale
for superLayer in @superLayers()

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