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Merge pull request #309 from koenbok/Context-canvasFrame-fix

Adding missing "@" for "parent" at ln. 274. Adding existential postfi…
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koenbok committed Feb 9, 2016
2 parents 4792322 + 446e74a commit df4f12a72c9936f34db8e85817e9a392b9e6fe5b
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  1. +3 −3 framer/
@@ -257,20 +257,20 @@ class exports.Context extends BaseClass

@define "width",
get: ->
return @parent.width if @parent
return @parent.width if @parent?
return window.innerWidth

@define "height",
get: ->
return @parent.height if @parent
return @parent.height if @parent?
return window.innerHeight

@define "frame", get: -> {x:0, y:0, width:@width, height:@height}
@define "size", get: -> _.pick(@frame, ["width", "height"])
@define "point", get: -> _.pick(@frame, ["x", "y"])
@define "canvasFrame",
get: ->
return @frame if not parent
return @frame if not @parent?
return @parent.canvasFrame

@define "backgroundColor",

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