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Fix draggable and slider component

The fix I added in 74b8b3b broke this, and it seems not to be needed anymore.
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Koen Bok
Koen Bok committed Feb 17, 2016
1 parent 700cb8e commit e2e7852d4d2e9be59e3efd89ad9aabbb69485c49
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@@ -190,16 +190,6 @@ class exports.LayerDraggable extends BaseClass
y: touchEvent.clientY
t: # We don't use timeStamp because it's different on Chrome/Safari

# Disable constraints drag if overdrag is disabled
if @overdrag is false
# TODO: We still need to account for the cursor offset here
frame = Utils.convertFrameToContext(@constraints, @layer, true, false)
return if event.point.x < Utils.frameGetMinX(frame)
return if event.point.x > Utils.frameGetMaxX(frame)
return if event.point.y < Utils.frameGetMinY(frame)
return if event.point.y > Utils.frameGetMaxY(frame)

point = _.clone(@_point)

scaleX = (1 / @layer.canvasScaleX() * @layer.scale * @layer.scaleX)

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