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jonastreub committed Jun 12, 2017
1 parent 714bc24 commit e65f58347270a3840d89606036c796eb5dc2df5d
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@@ -886,19 +886,18 @@ class exports.Layer extends BaseClass
@_getPropertyValue "image"
set: (value) ->
currentValue = @_getPropertyValue "image"
if LinearGradient.isLinearGradient(value)
oldValue = @_getPropertyValue "image"
@emit("change:gradient", value, oldValue)
@emit("change:image", value, oldValue)
@emit("change:gradient", value, currentValue)
@emit("change:image", value, currentValue)
@_setPropertyValue("image", value)
@style["background-image"] = value.toCSS()
if not (_.isString(value) or value is null)
layerValueTypeError("image", value)
currentValue = @_getPropertyValue "image"
if currentValue is value
return @emit "load"

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