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Not showing warning if layer is already in destination state

This happen a lot, so the warning isn’t really usefull
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nvh committed Oct 3, 2016
1 parent a9c5455 commit ea73dcd025092441973ffb2897043d2937329430
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@@ -133,10 +133,13 @@ class exports.Animation extends BaseClass
console.warn "Animation: nothing to animate, no animatable properties"
return @_noop()

if _.isEqual(@_stateA, @_stateB) or _.keys(@_stateB).length is 0
if _.isEqual(@_stateA, @_stateB)
console.warn "Animation: nothing to animate, all properties are equal to what it is now"
return @_noop()

if _.keys(@_stateB).length is 0
return @_noop()

# If this animation wants to animate a property that is already being animated, it stops
# that currently running animation. If not, it allows them both to continue.
for property, animation of @_target.animatingProperties()

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