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J.P.P Treub
J.P.P Treub committed Dec 8, 2015
2 parents f947fee + 1d9be61 commit ff8ab5f2957ced7fef895d69b5f4832d8914d00f
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@@ -54,6 +54,7 @@ class exports.Animation extends EventEmitter
repeat: 0
delay: 0
debug: false
colorModel: "husl"
if options.origin
console.warn "Animation.origin: please use layer.originX and layer.originY"
@@ -190,7 +191,11 @@ class exports.Animation extends EventEmitter
_updateValue: (value) =>
for k, v of @_stateB
@_target[k] = Utils.mapRange(value, 0, 1, @_stateA[k], @_stateB[k])
if Color.isColorObject(v) or Color.isColorObject(@_stateA[k])
@_target[k] = Color.mix(@_stateA[k], @_stateB[k], value, false, @options.colorModel)
@_target[k] = Utils.mapRange(value, 0, 1, @_stateA[k], @_stateB[k])
@@ -257,6 +262,11 @@ class exports.Animation extends EventEmitter
# Only animate numeric properties for now
for k, v of properties
animatableProperties[k] = v if _.isNumber(v) or _.isFunction(v) or isRelativeProperty(v)
if _.isNumber(v) or _.isFunction(v) or isRelativeProperty(v) or Color.isColorObject(v) or v == null
animatableProperties[k] = v
else if _.isString(v)
if Color.isColorString(v)
animatableProperties[k] = new Color(v)
return animatableProperties
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