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#ifndef _TEMP_H
#define _TEMP_H
#include "beaglebone.h"
* This (temp.[ch]) code links an analog input channel and a conversion function to a temperature sensor.
* At least, a sensor for the extruder needs to be defined. A sensor for a heated bed is optional.
* The sensors will be used by the heater code and might be used by other temperature sensing/logging code.
typedef int (temp_conversion_f) (int in, double* pout);
typedef const struct {
channel_tag tag;
channel_tag source;
unsigned int in_range_time; // ms
temp_conversion_f* conversion;
} temp_config_record;
extern channel_tag temp_lookup_by_name( const char* name);
extern int temp_config( temp_config_record* config_data, int nr_config_items);
extern int temp_init( void);
//extern channel_tag temp_lookup_by_name( const char* id);
extern int temp_get_celsius( channel_tag channel, double* pcelsius);
extern int temp_achieved( void);
extern int temp_set_setpoint( channel_tag channel, double setpoint, double delta_low, double delta_high);
extern int temp_get_setpoint( channel_tag channel, double* psetpoint);
// TODO: remove the following two from all code:
extern void temp_tick( void);
extern int temp_all_zero( void);
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