An Autohotkey script wich allows easy Markdown writing
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This is a simple AutoHotkey script. It should allow easy Markdown writing independing from the Editor.


Adding the related Markdown syntax element and set the correct cursor position for writing.

  • alt + i (emphatic text)
  • alt + b (strong text)
  • alt + c (source code)
  • alt + q (quote)
  • alt + n (new line)
  • alt + . (start of unordered list)
  • alt + , (start of ordered list)
  • alt + t (insert 4 spaces, helpfull for neasting)
  • alt + - (horizontal line)

Special Feature

This hotkeys working with GUI dialogs for easier usage.

  • alt + l (start "Link Wizard")
  • alt + p (start "Image Wizard")
  • alt + # (start "Code Beautifier")

Link Wizard

Shows simple window with edit boxes for the URL and the Name. While pressing OK, the Markdown-Text will inserted at cursor position.

Image Wizard

Same as "Link Wizard" but with possibility to show preview of the image.

Code Beautifier

Script will let you browse for HTML file (e.g. generated HTML from markdown) and copy the content to a second file, same name like selected file but _converted will be added.
If there are <code></code> sections within the HTML, some transformation (see below) will be happen. This lead to easier to read source code within HTML.

  1. Replace tabulator with 4 spaces
  2. Replace each space with &nbsp;
  3. Replace each new line with <br />


This project using the MIT license (see LICENSE file).