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Custom git bash prompt written in pure bash script
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Git prompt for bash

Bash prompt written in pure bash script.

Under the hood the git prompt provided by git is used. As that script does all the logic already, but outputs a rather cryptic status line, the only thing this script does is replace the output by more intuitive icons.

Bash Git prompt

Comparing the output of this script...

master ✕✓? ↑1↓5

...with the original git prompt

master *+% u+1-5


  1. Download the script

    curl > ~/.bash-git-prompt
  2. Add the following to your .bash_profile (or .bashrc or whatever bash initialize script you use):

    # 1. Exposes the function `__git_ps1_improved`
    source ~/.bash-git-prompt
    # 2. Include the function `__git_ps1_improved` in your `PS1`.
    #    This is just an example of a prompt with `\w` outputting your current
    #    directory.
    PS1="\w $(__git_ps1_improved)"


Symbol Meaning
⑂ master Current branch
Unstaged changes
Staged changes
? Untracked files
↑1 One changeset ahead of remote
↓5 Five changesets behind remote
= No difference to remote
# No HEAD to compare against (usually only happens before initial commit

See also

Bash prompt implements a custom bash prompt including this custom git prompt.

The initial version of this script was introduced in the blogpost git bash prompt, which describes the implementation in more detail.

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