Installing ESPimatic

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Installing ESPimatic

When installing for the first time, download all the files from the repo to your local PC. Compile the sketch in Arduino IDE 1.6.5 with ESP8266 boardmanager 2.0.0 (got compilation errors? Check these versions first). Make sure you select the correct board, so there is enough space for the files on SPIFFS. Upload the compiled sketch to your ESP. After booting up the ESP it will be in SoftAP mode. SSID is ESPimatic, password is espimatic. Go to and enter your own wifi credentials, after entering the ESP will reboot with the new wifi settings. Find the IP in your local network (or view on the serial monitor). Go to http://esp-ip and upload all the supplied HTML/JS files in the folder 'Upload this to SPIFFS' to SPIFFS with the presented upload page. If you want you can gzip all the files before uploading.

For the last time, reboot your ESP and go to the http://esp-ip address, it will show you a full GUI where you can configure everything. First: go to Configure -> System -> System and select all the available GPIO's you have on the ESP. Next, go to Configure -> System -> Pimatic and enter the Pimatic API credentials.

Now you are ready to hook up any sensors you have, and configure them in the corresponding page from the menu.

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