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simple blog created in Django
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Kofran's Blog Platform

A simple blog written in Django by Kofran


This project is in a very early development state. I really not recomend for production use.

Version 0.2

What features the blog has?

At the moment the blog has a very little features like:

  • home page now also include pagination.
  • right panel.
  • writter page. (administrator user).
  • edition page. (administrator user).
  • users can register (reCAPTCHA was implemented to avoid bots).
  • users can make comments in posts.


  • Django version >= 1.11 .
  • Python-decouple 3.1 .
  • Requests 2.18.4 .


Raname .env.example to .env. Then configure your own SECRET_KEY please don't use the same key as the example. You need to configure RECAPTHA_SECRET with your own key provided by reCAPTCHA.

If you are testing your app at localhost or, you need to configure your reCAPTCHA's domains to allow them.

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