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## Documentation
All the documentation can be found at the website, <>
+## Issue reporting
+Issues should be reported on GitHub, and every good issue should contain a good description, details about oCanvas version, operating system and browser. A test case of some sorts is also very much appreciated.
+## Contributing
+oCanvas is an open source project created and maintained by me (Johannes Koggdal). It would be great to get some more developers working on it, since I can't possibly make everything on my spare time. If you want to help out—reach out to me, so we can sync up to avoid double work. Then just send a pull request to get it in.
+I have two main branches, `master` and `develop`, where `develop` is the branch where everything happens. When a new version is about to be released, it gets merged to `master`, where the version number is updated. So if you want to help out, make sure you're working on top of `develop`.

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