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SonarQube plugin for sending notifications to Slack
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CKS Sonar Slack Notifier Plugin

SonarQube plugin for sending notifications to Slack

This plugin sends a Slack message of project analysis outcome to congired project specific slack channel. The plugin uses Incoming Web Hook as the integration mechanism with Slack.


The plugin must be placed in SONAR_HOME/extensions/plugins directory and SonarQube must be restarted.

Using latest release

You can find the latest release from page. Download the

From sources

To build the plugin simply run

mvn clean package


After the plugin has been installed, you need to configure it. Although SonarQube offers project level configurations for some plugins, they cannot be used with this plugin because it runs in the "server side", and only sees the global settings.

As administrator, go to the general settings and configure the Sonar instance URL:

A new category Slack appears in the left menu:

Under it you can find the CKS Slack Notifier plugin configurations:

In the above example there is a Project Key to Slack Channel configuration for an example project. The project key of any SonarQube project can be found in the project page (bottom right corner):

Wildcard support

The project key supports wildcards at the end. See

Only send notification when Quality Gate fails

Notifications can be sent for all Quality Gate statuses, or just for WARNING/ERROR statuses. See

Example messages posted to Slack

New bug introduced

All good

Works with

  • Tested with SonarQube 6.1 against Slack on 2016.10.17
  • Tested with SonarQube 6.1 against Mattermost 3.5.0 on 2017.01.02

Inspired by

Benefits from

SonarQube Plugin Development guides

Slack webhook integration and message formatting guides

Analyzing this project with unit test and integration test coverage

    mvn clean jacoco:prepare-agent install -DskipITs=true
    mvn jacoco:prepare-agent-integration failsafe:integration-test
    mvn sonar-maven-plugin:sonar
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