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WebODF is a JavaScript library created by KO GmbH.

It makes it easy to add Open Document Format (ODF) support to your website and to your mobile or desktop application. It uses HTML and CSS to display ODF documents.


WebODF is a Free Software project. All code is available under the AGPL.

If you are interested in using WebODF in your commercial product (and do not want to disclose your sources / obey AGPL), contact KO GmbH for a license suited to your needs.

Creating webodf.js...

webodf.js is compiled by using the Closure Compiler. This compiler concatenates and compacts all JavaScript files, so that they are smaller and execute faster. CMake is used to setup the buildsystem, so webodf.js can be created:

git clone https://github.com/kogmbh/WebODF.git webodf
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ../webodf
make webodf.js-target

A successful run will yield the file "webodf.js" in the subfolder "build/webodf/" (among other things), from where you can then copy it and use for your website.

For more details about preparing the build of webodf.js , e.g. on Windows or OSX, please study "README-Building.md".

... and more

This repository not only contains code for the library webodf.js, but also a few products based on it. Here is the complete list:

build target output location (in build/) description download/packages
webodf.js-target webodf/webodf.js the library (see product-library)
product-library webodf.js-x.y.z.zip zip file with library and API docs WebODF homepage
product-wodotexteditor wodotexteditor-x.y.z.zip simple to use editor component WebODF homepage
product-wodocollabtexteditor wodocollabtexteditor-x.y.z.zip collaborative editor component WebODF homepage
product-firefoxextension firefox-extension-odfviewer-x.y.z.xpi ODF viewer Firefox add-on Mozilla's Add-on website

("x.y.z" is a placeholder for the actual version number)

For more details about the different products, please study "README-Products.md".