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Nicolas Feigenbaum kognizant

  • San Francisco
  • Joined on Nov 18, 2012
  • geo

    Geo library. Used to generate geo[ metric | graphic ] object instances.

    Last updated

  • geo-rand

    Extension of the Geo library. Used to generate semi-random Geo instances.

    Last updated

  • polygen

    A semi random polygon generation gem.

    Last updated

  • deploymenttool

    Internal tool for setting up and managing email marketing campaigns.

    Last updated

  • sinatra_strap

    Sinatra strap: Modular with: RSpec, Cucumber

    Last updated

  • FuelSDK-Ruby

    forked from ExactTarget/FuelSDK-Ruby

    Fuel SDK for Ruby

    Last updated

  • Xpec

    Simple user driven expectation testing for ruby.

    Last updated

  • Backup

    Simple backup script for duplicating files across multiple endpoints.

    Last updated

  • tmux-conf

    forked from davidbrewer/tmux-conf

    My tmux configuration.

    Last updated

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