Allowing injection of Auth instance for unit testing mocking purposes #11

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Change the instance method to allow an optional object to be passed to set the instance for subsequent requests. Needed to allow use of a mock Auth object in unit tests.

Pull request is not mergeable. Please fix and update the pull request. Thanks :)


kiall commented Oct 31, 2011

Humm - That should have been considered mergeable... Must be a bug in the pull request tester.

I merged the changes on 3.1/develop back into my branch. Does this help the problem or make it worse?


kiall commented Nov 11, 2011

Apologies, Just restored CI server from backup .. Its not quite fixed yet ;) Ignore those last messages!



kemo commented Mar 31, 2012

This doesn't really follow Kohana conventions:

public static function instance($instance = NULL)


if ($instance !== NULL)

@zombor zombor closed this Oct 23, 2012

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