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Commits on Jul 4, 2011
  1. @cbandy

    Merge branch '3.1/develop' into 3.2/develop

    cbandy authored
  2. @cbandy

    Merge branch '3.1/develop' into 3.2/develop

    cbandy authored
  3. @cbandy

    Fix headers test

    cbandy authored
  4. @isaiahdw
  5. @isaiahdw
  6. @cbandy
  7. @cbandy

    Remove broken headers test

    cbandy authored
  8. @cbandy

    Fix test

    cbandy authored
  9. @isaiahdw
Commits on Jul 3, 2011
  1. @samsoir
Commits on Jul 2, 2011
  1. @isaiahdw

    Merge pull request #134 from Zeelot/3.2/feature/3796-bound-values-in-…

    isaiahdw authored
    3.2/feature/3796 bound values in callbacks
  2. @samsoir
  3. @samsoir

    Updated upgrading documentation to reflect some of the changes in 3.2…

    samsoir authored
    … with regards to HTTP caching and Request/Response API
  4. @samsoir
  5. @kiall

    Refs #3401 - Updated trust list

    kiall authored
  6. @kiall

    Fixes #3401 - Set Request::$client_ip from HTTP headers only if a tru…

    kiall authored
    …sted proxy set the header.
  7. @kiall
  8. @kiall
  9. @kiall
  10. @kiall
  11. @kiall
  12. @samsoir

    Fixes #3536, Controller actions are no longer invoked with arguments.…

    samsoir authored
    … Use Request::param() to get URI parameters
  13. @samsoir

    Fixing more broken tests

    samsoir authored
  14. @samsoir
  15. @samsoir
  16. @kiall
  17. @kiall
  18. @samsoir
  19. @samsoir

    Fixes #4042, Response now correct does not refer to deprecated json_e…

    samsoir authored
    …ncoding serialization method
  20. @samsoir

    Fixes #4044, HTTP_Header::offsetSet() now correct ensures HTTP_Header…

    samsoir authored
    …_Value is passed a string as expected
  21. @samsoir

    Fixes #4009, Request_Client_Internal has the caching logic restored t…

    samsoir authored
    …o before the merge with 3.1/develop
  22. @samsoir
  23. @samsoir
  24. @samsoir

    Fixes #4054, Request::$current will only be replaced with $previous d…

    samsoir authored
    …uring exception if $previous is valid request
  25. @samsoir
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