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e1ab3f4 @BRMatt Added an example phpunit.xml config file
BRMatt authored
1 <!--
2 This is an example phpunit.xml file to get you started
3 Copy it to a directory, update the relative paths and rename to phpunit.xml
4 Then to run tests cd into it's directory and just run
5 phpunit
6 (it'll automatically use any phpunit.xml file in the current directory)
8 Any options you specify when calling phpunit will override the ones in here
9 -->
10 <phpunit colors="true" bootstrap="rel/path/to/index.php">
11 <testsuites>
12 <testsuite name="Kohana Tests">
13 <file>rel/path/to/unittest/tests.php</file>
14 </testsuite>
15 </testsuites>
16 </phpunit>
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