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Kohana-PHPUnit integration

This module integrates PHPUnit with Kohana.

If you look through any of the tests provided in this module you'll probably notice all theHorribleCamelCase. I've chosen to do this because it's part of the PHPUnit coding conventions and is required for certain features such as auto documentation.



$ phpunit --bootstrap=modules/unittest/bootstrap.php modules/unittest/tests.php

Alternatively you can use a phpunit.xml to have a more fine grained control over which tests are included and which files are whitelisted.

Make sure you only whitelist the highest files in the cascading filesystem, else you could end up with a lot of "class cannot be redefined" errors.

If you use the tests.php testsuite loader then it will only whitelist the highest files. see config/unittest.php for details on configuring the tests.php whitelist.

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