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Group Name : Foodies🍩
Proposed Project Level: Gemini

FoodBites are here to reduce food wastage in Singapore. In 2016, Singapore had generated a total of 791,000 tonnes of food waste. Out of that, only 14% of it gets recycled. This means that 86% of the remaining gets burnt/dumped into landfills.

Download the app

Before downloading our app, you are required to download the Expo App App Store or Google Play

FoodBites Business:

Login Credentials for FoodBites Business test account
Password: p@ssw0rd

Our approach to solving the problem

FoodBites aim to reduce food wastage by connecting food stall owners like bakeries, restaurants or even old chang kee to consumers through an mobile application. Through the applications, shop owners are able to post and notify the consumers that are subscribed to their stall that there are going to close for the evening and there are still food available at a discounted price.

This is a win-win situation for both the consumers and the shop owners. For the shop owners, they are able to generate more profits by selling away all their food items. For consumers, they are able to purchase their favourite food items at a discounted rate!

What are our inspirations?

We have seen mobiles apps from other countries like OLIO, Food for all, treatsure, and Food rescue US.

What features are there?

Business App

  1. Basic CRUD - shop owners to post food
  2. Automatic Post expiration - shop owners post will eventually get automatically removed after certain hours.
  3. Email Login for shop owner
  4. Automatic push notification to customers

Consumer App

  1. Push notifications - consumers notification when the food is on discount
  2. Showing nearby food outlets - consumers can search and find based on proximity
  3. Google Login for consumers
  4. Ability to follow different shop outlets

Tech Stack

alt text image of expo

System Flow

Image of system

Design of the apps

User App

browse page nearby page food details category page profile page

Business App

home page post page

Project Timeline

Image of banner banner

Milestone 1


  1. README - This documentation is the readme
  2. Project Log: Access it here
  3. Video: Access it here

At the end of Milestone 1, we aim to be ready with the skillset and the needs of our users for out application. As there is a tight timeline to follow, the tools to build our application would be essential. As such, we have chosen to go with React Native for building out application as it allows one code base to be used in both the Android and the iOS environment. Additionally, we have chosen Firebase to be our backend database.

We started by experimenting with pure React Native development. However, we soon realised that using just React Native had some limitations because one of us do not own a MacBook for the iOS development portion. That is when we plan to look into Expo, where you can test and develop iOS and Android apps in React Native without having the need of a Macbook. If all works out well, we will switch over entirely to using Expo for our development and testing process. As for our database, Firebase proves to be a good choice to experiment with as the documentations provided by Google was clear and precise as well as easy to follow.

For the features to be implemented, we have given priorities to each feature so that more important features would be implemented first to give us our minimum viable product. By the end of Milestone 2, we aim to finish up with those features with the priority ranking of 1 and during Milestone 3, we look to implement the other features.

We have planned out our user stories using the Agile framework. (See User Stories section below)

For the development plan, both of us will be coming with the design for our application for both the business and users application and setting up of the administrative matters. After that, Chi Hao will be in charge of building the development of the users application and Jin Ying will be in charge of building of the business application.

Milestone 2


  1. README - This documentation is the readme
  2. Project Log: Access it here
  3. Video: Access it here

By Milestone 2, we have came up the Minimum Viable Product for both the FoodBites (User Application) and FoodBites Business (Business Application).

On FoodBites, we have completed displaying of different categories of food in the app as well as displaying of different post based on their category. Furthermore, we have built in Google login for our consumers to enable ease of login. As such, they do not need to create an email and password account with us. Also, we have enabled shop owners to push notifications to consumers that have subscribed to their outlets. This can ensure the outreach of users for different outlets. Additionally, we have incorporated the ability for consumers to subscribe to different outlets.

On FoodBites Business, we have produce a basic CRUD (Create, Read Update & Delete) for owners to post their food items. We have also implemented a feature to allow the post to expire on its own without the intervention of the user to take down their post. Furthermore, when the post is created by the business owner, the users that is subscribed to the business owner will receive notifications that a new food item is being listed.

For milestone 3, we look to implement searching for posts and also a panel for the user to see their past notifications on FoodBites. For FoodBites Business, we aim to implement post scheduling and minor improvement on existing features on both the application.

User App

Browse Screen

browse page

Browse Screen for users to select different food categories.

Post Category Screen

category page

Different posts from the category.

Post Screen


Post screen with details of the food item such as food expiry time, when the post was created, and the discounted price of the food item.

Outlet Screen

outlet page >

User is able to subscribe to the outlet and receive notification when the outlet upload a new post. User is also able to see the review for the outlet(happy, sad, neutral).

Business App

Biz Home Screen

biz home page

Business home page; outlets are able to see the core information for each post that they posted such as post status, title, original price, discounted price.

Post Details Screen

post details

Outlets will be able to see the full detailed information of their post. Outlets are also able to repost exisiting post.

Post Creation Screen

post creation page

Outlets are able to upload up to 4 images of their food. They are also able to input their details of the food.

Milestone 3


  1. README - This documentation is the readme
  2. Project Log: Access it here
  3. Video: Access it here

In Milestone 3, we have added more features and also did some improvement to existing features to both FoodBites and FoodBites Business.

On FoodBites, we have implemented a lot more new features, namely the nearby screen, search screen, account screens and notifications screen. In the nearby screen, the app itself will request for permission from the user to take their current location. From there, it will fetch from the database the closest outlets post to them. It will be listed from closest to further. As for the search screen, users will be able to search based on the outlet names for example - Old Chang Kee. When the user type letter by letter, the app will show different suggestions based on what the user typed. As such, the user do not need to type out the entire word. In the account screen, the app will display the user profile and a list of subscribed outlets. The user have the ability to unsubscribe from the outlets that they have subscribed previously. This gives the user the control of how many notifications they want to see from the phone. Lastly, the notifications screen will show the latest notifications sent by different outlets. This is will let the user know that there is a discount ongoing.

On FoodBites Business, we have added the ability to allow owners to schedule their post, so that they can create a post beforehand and not having to create a post at the time they need to. User will be able to select the date and time they wanted to post and we also a validation to make sure that the schedule post time will be earlier than the post expiry time. Next we have also allowed owners to delete the image they have selected in the scenario where they have selected a wrong image for their post on both the post creation and also on the repost page. This feature is especially important when owners want to repost, but would like to use a new image instead of the old one. With the feedback on Milestone 2, we realized that we have missed out on a key feature on the login screen, which is the forgot password feature, which was implemented right after. Lastly, we did up the account screen for owners to view details on the account and logging out on the account screen.

User App

Nearby Screen

nearby page

Nearby Screen for users to select based on their location 1km away.

Search Screen

search page

Search screen for the user to search based on the outlet's name

Notification Screen

Notification page

Notifications screen for the user to see past notifications in the event they missed it.

Account Screen

Account page

For the users to see their personal profile and the outlets that they have subscribed to.

Business App

Account Screen

Biz Account page

For the outlets to see their details and subscriber count.

Schedule Screen

Biz Schedule page

For the outlets to schedule their post or delete their images.

Forget Password Screen

Biz Forget Password page

If outlets ever forget their password, they can easily reset their password by sending their email.

User Stories

For user stories, we have decided to follow the Agile framework. Please click the link to view the entire user stories.



Reducing food wastage one shop at a time



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