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Essh Build Status

Extended ssh command.


Essh is an extended ssh command. If you use essh command instead of ssh, Your SSH operation becomes more efficient and convenient. Essh is a single binary CLI tool and simply wraps ssh command. You can use it in the same way as ssh. And it has useful features over ssh.



  • Configuration As Code: You can write SSH client configuration (aka:~/.ssh/config) in Lua code. So your ssh_config can become more dynamic.

  • Hooks: Essh supports hooks that execute commands when it connects a remote server.

  • Servers List Management: Essh provides utilities for managing hosts, that list and classify servers by using tags.

  • Per-Project Configuration: Essh supports per-project configuration. This allows you to change SSH hosts config by changing current working directory.

  • Task Runner: Task is a script that runs on remote and local servers. You can use it to automate your system administration tasks.

  • Modules: Essh provides modular system that allows you to use, create and share reusable Lua code easily.


Essh is provided as a single binary. You can download it and drop it in your $PATH. After installing Essh, run the essh without any options in your terminal to check working.


$ brew install kohkimakimoto/essh/essh

Download the binary from releases page

Download latest version



  • Go 1.7 or later (my development env)
  • Glide
  • gox

Installing dependences

$ make deps

Building dev binary.

$ make dev

Building distributed binaries.

$ make dist

Building packages (now support only RPM)

$ make dist
$ make packaging


Kohki Makimoto kohki.makimoto@gmail.com


The MIT License (MIT)