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A shell script for easy package installation and server setup
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Pub Lunch

at Big Heroku Tavern

This installs dependend dart packages, using darts package manager pub. This script is configured to work on Heroku by default, using this build-pack

Getting Started

The easiest would be to download the file here. Place it into the root directory of your dart app and add following to your Procfile if you run your dart app on Heroku

web: bash server

You can of course run this script any other way.


You can specify the location of the dart binaries and the name of the file including the main() function by specifying environmental variables. On Heroku this works like that:

# Setting path of dart binaries
$> heroku config:set DART_BINARY=<path to binary> #defaults to './dart-sdk/bin'

# Setting name of file which includes main()
$> heroku config:set MAIN_FILE=<name of file excluding .dart> #defaults to 'main'


The MIT License - Copyright (c) 2012 Matthias Knoll

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