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This is a MySQL connector for the Dart programming language. It is in early stages of development, so please report issues, contribute code and suggest how I could make this better. (I won't guarantee I'll agree with you). Please expect this code to change, possibly massively, in the near future.


SqlJocky uses an asynchronous model to access the database, due to Dart's (probably sensible) lack of blocking reads on sockets. The API for the library can be found in lib/interfaces.dart. Examples and suchlike may come in the future.

To run the tests, you'll need to use pub to import the sdk's unittests and logging packages. You'll also need to create a 'connection.options' file, by copying 'connection.options.example' and modifying the settings.


It is released under the GPL, because it uses a modified part of mysql's include/mysql_com.h in constants.dart, which is licensed under the GPL. I would prefer to release it under the BSD Licence, but there you go.

Includes some hashing code from the closure library, which contains its own copyright notice.

The Name

It is named after Jocky Wilson, the late, great darts player. (Hence the lack of an 'e' in Jocky.)

Things to do

  • Implement the rest of mysql's commands
  • Improve performance where possible
  • More unit testing
  • More integration tests
  • DartDoc
  • Example code
  • Refactor everything a few times, when I think of a nicer way of doing things, or the Dart language changes
  • Use idiomatic dart where possible
  • Geometry type
  • Decimal type should probably use a bigdecimal type of some sort
  • MySQL 4 types (old decimal, anything else?)
  • Test against multiple mysql versions
  • A logo.