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Disco Fever, starring Boris Boid

Created for CS 679, Fall 2011.

Boris Boid, smoldering with charm.

What on Earth…?

You are Boris Boid. That's him over there. He's an International Man of Ladies.

What's the goal?

As an International Man of Ladies, Boris is visiting the Flamingo night club—probably to pick up ladies. That's your goal:

Move Boris around the club with the mouse.

That way he can go check out the ladies (and dudes).

Press the C key to Charm people. They'll turn bright blue when attracted.

Bring attracted people to the dance floor! They'll party all night once you've brought them there. Careful, though, if you move too fast or get too far away, attracted people return to neutral. Boris can't win 'em all (at once…)

Also—these people aren't stupid. If you make them angry, they'll come after you. Angry people will hurt Boris, lowering the health bar above his head. The game is over when Boris gets knocked out!

Press X to Repel people.

This lets Boris give angry mobs the slip!

You can also press Z to make things interesting…Boris is going to be in for a world of hurt when you insult people nearby.


Disco Fever, starring Boris Boid






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