ColorBlocks: A Colorful Puzzle Platformer
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ColorBlocks: A Colorful Puzzle Platformer

ColorBlocks is a creative platforming game in which the player must reposition colored lights to solidify blocks, which he or she then "jumps" on by guiding a rocket ship through a level to the end goal. The game is built with Three.js, a WebGL rendering engine.

This game operates like a standard platformer, but with a puzzling twist: players must reposition the three spotlights at the top of each level to activate different colored blocks. Several levels require coordinating rocket ship and spotlight movements. Later levels use occlusion and color blending to create platforming challenges like no other!

ColorBlocks by Joe Kohlmann, Dan Szafir, Sam Wasmundt is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License: