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Haxchi Direct is a slight modification of FIX94's Haxchi/CBHC that simply patches signatures and then returns to home menu. That's it.

  • 1-click run (non-cold boot)
  • Non-configurable
  • Fast, internal payload, won't wait for user inputs and has no splash screens
  • Region patching
  • Reloads patching (such as when exiting system config)
  • Compatible with FIX94's ftpiiu_everywhere
  • Wii U remains unmodified when turned off

Installation Instructions

  • Do NOT install over any COLD BOOT installation without first uninstalling the cold boot
  • Will safely install over any version of non-cold boot Haxchi, in addition to unmodified compatible DS VC
  • Installing Dimok's HBL Channel 2.1 beforehand is a good idea
  • To install, copy directories from zip into root of SD, then run the installer from HBL
  • Make sure your compatible DS VC is on your sys NAND (not USB)
  • Your game will be detected automatically; follow onscreen prompts
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