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Jenkins Maven Repository Plugin
Java Groovy
Pull request Compare This branch is 29 commits behind magnayn:master.
Latest commit 8a9cc45 @kohsuke Fixing the build problem.
ClassNotFoundError: MojoNotFoundException was because Maven decided to
pick up 2.0 of maven-plugin-api (which is specified in
jenkins-maven-plugin), over 3.0 of maven-plugin-api (which is specified
in the core) because the former is shorter from the root.

I then had a Groovy <-> GMaven version issue. I fixed this by defining
Groovy as a dependency in gmaven plugin. IIRC, GMaven plugin relies on
the project to have a compile/runtime dependency on Groovy, and when
that doesn't have the right version it dies with NoSuchMethodError.

And finally GMaven complained about missing Ant, so that was added too.
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jenkins-maven-plugin [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
pom.xml Exposed a Maven repository under the URL of the build.
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