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Partial fix for HUDSON-7745 #2

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mlb5000 commented Jan 29, 2011

There was an issue in where the available size could drop below 0 and the check was for exactly zero. Changing this to less than or equal to fixed that issue.

In addition to that, there is apparently a call to ProxyOutputStream.connect and subsequently channel.getpipewindow which causes ProxyOutputStream.window to get set to null. A quick check for window == null prior to using it appears to resolve that issue.

@mlb5000 mlb5000 [HUDSON-7745] Fix for two of the errors described in this bug report.…
… This is just a band-aid and ultimately someone should take a look at rewriting this.
orrc commented Jan 29, 2011

Re: Your JIRA comment: this kohsuke/hudson repo is a month behind the "official" repo at hudson/hudson.

And thanks for hopefully solving some of these copy issues :)

mlb5000 commented Jan 29, 2011

crap, I wasn't sure which one was the mainline; I'll fork hudson/hudson for the future. Hopefully this helps. The major failure, which I witnessed while I was running the tests locally, was the "Not in GZIP format" error.

Also, the current Hudson build on has been hanging for like 4 days.

mlb5000 commented Jan 31, 2011

I'm going to close this and submit the same request on hudson/hudson.

This issue was closed.
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