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Explaining the variable expansion

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@@ -112,7 +112,11 @@ To prevent this problem, create `myapp.exe.config` in the same directory as `mya
See [KB 936707]( for more details.
-Configuration file syntax
+Environment Variable Expansion in Configuration File
+Configuration XML files can include environment variable expansions of the form `%Name%`. Such occurences, if found, will be automatically replaced by the actual values of the variables. If an undefined environment variable is referenced, no substituion occurs.
+Configuration File Syntax
The behaviour of the service is controlled by the XML configuration file. The root element of this XML file must be `<service>`, and it supports the following child element.
@@ -189,3 +193,5 @@ See the "Logging" section above for more details.
### workingdirectory
This optional element sets the current directory of the process launched by winsw.
+ <workingdirectory>%SystemDrive%\</workingdirectory>

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