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The syntax of the pattern string is specified by [DateTime.ToString()]( For example, in the above example, the log of Jan 1, 2013 gets written to `myapp.20130101.out.log` and `myapp.20130101.err.log`.
+Offline Environment and Authenticode
+To work with UAC-enabled Windows, winsw ships with a digital signature. This causes Windows to automatically verify this digital signature when the application is launched (see [more discussions]( This adds some delay to the launch of the service, and more importantly, it prevents winsw from running in a server that has no internet connection. This is because a part of the signature verification involves checking certificate revocation list.
+To prevent this problem, create `myapp.exe.config` in the same directory as `myapp.exe` (renamed `winsw.exe`) and put the following in it:
+ <configuration>
+ <runtime>
+ <generatePublisherEvidence enabled="false"/>
+ </runtime>
+ </configuration>
+See [KB 936707]( for more details.
Configuration file syntax
The behaviour of the service is controlled by the XML configuration file. The root element of this XML file must be `<service>`, and it supports the following child element.

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