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Please host the binary on a stable server #8

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Right now all the links I can find to binaries for your program are to your DynDNS server, which is not up right now. Please host the binaries anywhere else - I will even host them for you for free, but they should be accessible at any time.


Yeah, I agree.

It's actually pushed to Maven central, which is as safe a storage as these things can go, but the problem is that there's no service that exposes them in a nice navigable format that people can see. I need to work on it...


Isn't github downloads section stable enough ?


The github download page ( is empty. The other links I've found ( point to a DynDNS server (a personal home server). I can't download it right now unless I want to compile it.

Github download would be great.


I have the same problem trying to find latest binaries. According to last commit messages there should be 1.10 and 1.11 releases but the latest binaries I could find are 1.9.


Well, everyone can build himself an up-to-date version, since msbuild and C# compiler are distributed along with .NET Framework.
Inside a GitHub Download-as-zip directory, issue a command:


(works for both 32- and 64- bit systems).
That will produce a couple errors, because we don't have original developer's PFX signing key, but that won't affect the compiled binary.
And there you have your binary inside bin\Release\ directory


That's not helping. this isn't a post about compiling it's a post about downloading binaries. If it's so easy then it must also be easy for the author to just do it and post it, saving everyone else the trouble.

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It looks like last versions are uploaded to
It would be good if it could be pushed to maven central as it was until version 1.9 (

I think this issue could be closed.


Since I left Sun, I don't think I can publish binaries under the "com.sun" group ID any more. Changing the group ID has other associated pains, so I'm going to stick to

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