Reusing/Resetting Connections #4

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If we do not disconnect after a read query to reuse the connection keeping the connection object open, drop/create operations on the queried tables are blocked. If we have connections that are not used yet, such operations by third parties are not blocked.

I believe there should be a way to remove/close an index created by connection.openIndex() method like index.drop() or index.close() so, a connection can be brought to its initial state without having any locks of any kind.

I do not know if handlersocket library does not have it or only node-handlersocket lacks the necessary interface. I am sorry for being unable to provide more details since I have not had a chance to look at the source of either library yet.

koichik commented Jul 28, 2012

@hasanyasin - Currently, HandlerSocket does not provide a way to close an index directly (see protocol docs).
Can you open new issue on HandlerSocket?

koichik commented Dec 13, 2012


@koichik koichik closed this Dec 13, 2012
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