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Koinos Blockchain

The GitHub organization for everything Koinos.


  1. koinos koinos Public

    Official home of the Koinos Blockchain. Use this umbrella repository to launch a Koinos cluster using Docker.

    Shell 38 11

  2. koinos-cli koinos-cli Public

    A command line utility used for key management and to interact with the Koinos blockchain.

    Go 6 7

  3. koinos-sdk-as koinos-sdk-as Public

    AssemblyScript (AS) Software Development Toolkit (SDK) for the Koinos Blockchain

    TypeScript 5 3

  4. koinos-sdk-cpp koinos-sdk-cpp Public

    The Koinos Software Development Kit (SDK) facilitates the creation of smart contracts on the Koinos blockchain.

    C++ 5 1


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