Seamless integration between Brainfuck and Python with AST compilation!
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setup.cfg - seamless usage of Brainfuck in Python code compiles Brainfuck programs to Python AST, enabling the integration of industial-strength Brainfuck programs with Python code. Example:

>>> import brainfuck
>>> hello = brainfuck.to_function("""
>>> hello()
'Hello World!\n'

For convenience, an import hook is also provided:

>>> brainfuck.install_import_hook()
>>> # Note: programs is a python package (with
    # and a brainfuck file named
>>> from programs import rot13  
>>> rot13.rot13("brainfuck")
>>> # The module can also be called directly
>>> rot13("foobar")


$ pip install brainfuck


$ git clone
$ cd brainfuck
$ python install

OR just copy somewhere in your PYTHONPATH.

Platform support

Latest versions of Python 2, 3 and PyPy are supported and tested. Other Python versions that have support for the ast module should work too, but are not tested.

Unit tests

Run tests with $ python


  • Optimizations for the brainfuck-generated AST (this is a big one!)
  • More tests
  • Running tests with tox
  • Python AST to brainfuck compilation (may take some time)


MIT (programs in the programs-directory may be licensed differently)