My first Flask/Twilio/Heroku app: A die roller for D&D
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My Twilio/Flask/Heroku app

For rolling various-sized die via text message. Mostly for D&D.

Send an appropriately formatted string to the the number, it will roll dice for you and return the result(s).


text 2d6, get back the results of 2 6-sided dice being rolled


  • The Die class works. The re_match module works. But they need to be adjusted a bit to work with each OTHER and the Twillio app as planned. I'll use for that code.
  • is the working, Twilio example code. is the code I'm testing. I'm going to incrementally adjust that file until it gets to where I want it to be.
  • 2015-11-03: I'm having trouble dealing with NO leading digit before the 'd'. So, I changed the Regex to REQUIRE it. Splitting the message, then running it through str() gives me unicode strings. But the string for '' isn't behaving as I'd expect. So, I'm removing that option for now. I'll have to learn how to deal with it at some point though. I may need to dig into the Twilio API docs to find out what's going on. What data types are being returned, etc.


I'm using the Python Testing unittest tutorial and I'm having trouble getting the "python -m unittest discover simple_example" to work.

python -v works fine, as does python -m unittest -v test_rematch_unittest but the python -m unittest discover option WAS returning "0 tests run". But, now python -m unittest discover . -v is working. So, okay.

Turns out, it was a hyphen in the filename. If the testfile is, the python -m unittest discover . -v doesn't work. Removing the hyphen makes it work just fine.