Docker image for Koken. Uses Ubuntu, nginx, MySQL, and PHP 5.
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Docker + Koken + nginx = ♥

This official Koken Docker image installs the latest version of Koken and all necessary system requirements.


  • Automatically sets up and configures the database for Koken and skips that step in the installation process.
  • Adds a cron job to do periodic cleanup of the image cache.
  • nginx/PHP configured for best Koken performance.
  • Can be used on any machine with Docker installed.

Using at Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean provides fast, low cost virtual servers that are well suited for Koken. We have a dedicated article on our help site with instructions on how to use this Docker image at Digital Ocean.

General usage

If you aren't using Digital Ocean, you just need to ensure that your host is compatible with Docker and then follow the instructions below.

  1. Install Docker.
  2. Use our simple wrapper script to start Koken.
wget -qO - | sudo bash

This forwards port 80 on your host machine to the instance of Koken running on port 8080 inside the container. You can now access your new Koken install by loading the IP address or domain name for your host in a browser. Your files reside in /data/koken/www on the host machine, while the MySQL data lives in /data/koken/mysql.