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This is a public issue-tracking repository for bugs and confirmed features related to Koken.


If you find a potential exploit or vulnerability, please exercise reasonable disclosure:

  1. Privately contact Koken staff about the issue.
  2. Do not publicly disclose the issue immediately (give Koken staff adequate time to respond to and address your inquiry before you disclose the vulnerability publicly).


Issues can be submitted at the issue tracker.


  • Follow the formatting guide to the best of your ability, making sure to include steps to reproduce your issue
  • Search the issue tracker to ensure that your issue is not a duplicate
  • Verify the validity and/or plausibility of your issue
  • Be clear and concise in your description
  • Take advantage of GitHub Flavored Markdown--it's awesome, and it makes your submission that much better! 😄
  • Use a vanilla environment, making sure to remove any browser extensions or client-side mods

Do not:

  • Bump issues to receive a response (all issues are acknowledged)
  • Argue unproductively in an issue's comments
  • Re-create an issue you feel unjustly closed
  • Add comments such as 👍, +1 or "I like this idea"
  • Submit issues that are general suggestions, as opposed to specific, technical bugs or confirmed features
  • Create disrespectful or inflammatory comments


It is recommended that issues are formatted using the following template for maximum clarity and readability:


Provide a brief summary of the issue. Your title should allow users browsing the tracker to grasp the gist of your issue at a glance.


Boulevard Theme not displaying correctly on the new iPhone.


Try to separate your description into three different sections, if possible:

  1. The issue

    This section should provide a detailed explanation of the issue.

  2. Steps to reproduce

    If applicable, this section should provide a detailed list of steps needed to reproduce the issue.

  3. Miscellaneous information

    Information that doesn't necessarily fit into any other sections. Common examples are attachments, images, or disclaimers.