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Simple utility program to extract profiles from GDAL data sources using a
two-point equidistanct projection.
- Add option to include coordinates in output csv file. Currently it just
records along-profile distance.
import argparse
import sys
from pyproj import CRS, Transformer
from osgeo import gdal
if __name__ == '__main__':
# Parse command line args
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description="Make profile with GDAL")
parser.add_argument('src', metavar='SRC', help='GDAL data source')
parser.add_argument('lon_1', metavar='LON_1', type=float, help='Longitude of start point')
parser.add_argument('lat_1', metavar='LAT_1', type=float, help='Latitude of start point')
parser.add_argument('lon_2', metavar='LON_2', type=float, help='Longitude of end point')
parser.add_argument('lat_2', metavar='LAT_2', type=float, help='Latitude of end point')
parser.add_argument('--width', type=int, default=100, help='Profile width (m)')
parser.add_argument('--dist', type=int, default=100, help='Profile sampling distance (m)')
parser.add_argument('--resample', default='near', help='Resampling method')
parser.add_argument('--tif', default='', help='Output GTiff file')
parser.add_argument('--csv', default='', help='Output CSV file')
args = parser.parse_args()
# Open/validate the source dataset
ds = gdal.Open(args.src)
if not ds:
print("Could not open dataset.")
# Set up coordinate transform
proj_str = "+proj=tpeqd +lon_1={} +lat_1={} +lon_2={} +lat_2={}".format(args.lon_1, args.lat_1, args.lon_2, args.lon_2)
tpeqd = CRS.from_proj4(proj_str)
transformer = Transformer.from_crs(CRS.from_proj4("+proj=latlon"), tpeqd)
# Transfor to tpeqd coordinates
point_1 = transformer.transform(args.lon_1, args.lat_1)
point_2 = transformer.transform(args.lon_2, args.lat_2)
# Create an bounding box (minx, miny, maxx, maxy) in tpeqd coordinates
bbox = (point_1[0], -(args.width*0.5), point_2[0], (args.width*0.5))
# Calculate the number of samples in our profile.
num_samples = int((point_2[0] - point_1[0]) / args.dist)
print("Reading and warping data into profile swath...")
# Warp it into dataset in tpeqd projection. If args.tif is empty GDAL will
# interpret it as an in-memory dataset.
format = 'GTiff' if args.tif else 'VRT'
profile = gdal.Warp(args.tif, ds, dstSRS=proj_str, outputBounds=bbox,
height=1, width=num_samples, resampleAlg=args.resample,
# Extract the pixel values and write to an output file
data = profile.GetRasterBand(1).ReadAsArray()
print("Created {}m profile with {} samples.".format(args.dist*num_samples, num_samples))
# Write csv output
if args.csv:
with open(args.csv, 'w') as f:
for (d, value) in enumerate(data[0,:]):
f.write("{},{}\n".format(d*args.dist, value))
print("Saved as {}".format(args.csv))
# Clean up
profile = None
ds = None
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