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Higgins - yet another application launcher
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Yet another application launcher: start applications, search for things, do calculations or whatever you want through external plugins.

Internal plugins:

  • Evaluate expressions (calculator)
  • Find recently opened documents
  • Find desktop applications
  • Find executables
  • Find local bookmarks
  • Lists the content of folders
  • Find files by indexing user-specified folders

External plugins:

higgins also supports plugins located in ~/.config/gambas3/higgins/extbin/ and since it parses the external plugin output, the plugins can be written in any language, from bash to c++ Take a look to or

Fully themable:

You can define corner radius, background color, image, shadows and more:

Mandatory requirements:

  • Gambas 3 (usually the very latest version)

Recommended tools:

  • xbindkeys (higgins use it to register a global X11 shortcut)

Compiling it:

After you installed gambas 3, just checkout and compile higgins that way:

# git clone
# cd higgins/
# /path/to/gambas/binaries/gbc3 -e -a -g -t -p -m
# /path/to/gambas/binaries/gba3
# ./higgins.gambas
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