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iOS 4.0 minimum.


Without any further information, all the sources provided here are under the MIT License quoted in NRGridView/LICENSE.

##What is NRGridView

NRGridView is a grid-view UI component (built as a static library) which has been developed by Louka Desroziers, for Novedia Regions. How it works? Almost like UITableView works. You set a dataSource, and a delegate.. and you implement all @required methods. It also has a 'layoutStyle'. It means you can use it as a vertical gridView, or horizontal grid-view!

image image

If you got any suggestions, or if you need more UITableView-like methods, do not hesitate to email me at

##Latest Changelog ####Added

  • 1 Footer per section support.


  • scrollRectToSection:animated:scrollPosition: now scrolls to the end of the section if scrollPosition is NRGridViewScrollPositionAtRight/NRGridViewScrollPositionAtBottom


This component has been developed for Novedia Regions, a french company which develops apps for mobile devices.

Referencing this project in your AboutBox is appreciated. Please tell me if you use this class so we can cross-reference our projects.

Enjoy, and share ;)