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// UIBezierPath+SVG.h
// svg_test
// Created by Arthur Evstifeev on 5/29/12.
// Copyright (c) 2012 __MyCompanyName__. All rights reserved.
typedef enum CType {
} CommandType;
//Commands protocol
@protocol SVGCommand <NSObject>
- (void)processCommand:(NSString*)commandString withPrevCommand:(NSString*)prevCommand forPath:(UIBezierPath*)path;
//Commands abstract class
@interface SVGCommandImpl : NSObject <SVGCommand> {
NSString* _prevCommand;
- (void)performCommand:(CGFloat*)params withType:(CommandType)type forPath:(UIBezierPath*)path;
//Commands concrete implementation
@interface SVGMoveCommand : SVGCommandImpl @end
@interface SVGLineToCommand : SVGCommandImpl @end
@interface SVGHorizontalLineToCommand : SVGCommandImpl @end
@interface SVGVerticalLineToCommand : SVGCommandImpl @end
@interface SVGCurveToCommand : SVGCommandImpl @end
@interface SVGSmoothCurveToCommand : SVGCommandImpl @end
@interface SVGQuadraticCurveToCommand : SVGCommandImpl @end
@interface SVGSmootQuadratichCurveToCommand : SVGCommandImpl @end
@interface SVGClosePathCommand : SVGCommandImpl @end
//Commands factory
@interface SVGCommandFactory : NSObject {
NSDictionary* commands;
+ (SVGCommandFactory*)defaultFactory;
- (id<SVGCommand>)getCommand:(NSString*)commandLetter;
@interface UIBezierPath (SVG)
+ (UIBezierPath *)bezierPathWithSVGString:(NSString*)svgString;
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