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Cocoa Waveform Audio Player Control

A cocoa audio player component which displays the waveform of the audio file.

How to use it ?


Add a view in IB and set the class to WaveFormViewOSX


Add a view in IB and set the class to WaveFormViewIOS

Then you can use:

  • (void) openAudioURL:(NSURL *)url;

Note on iOS: on iOS you should provide a direct URL to the audio data, you cannot use URL obtained from MPMediaItemPropertyAssetURL. You should extract the content from AVAsset. More on this you can read In the sample application you should add an mp3 file, named sample.mp3 to the iOS app, because I removed it to avoid legal concerns.

How to hack it ?

If you would like to change visual appearance you should take a look at WaveFormView???:drawRect and hack as you wish.

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