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The universal application demonstrates, how you can work with the instagram API, featuring a custom fullscreen UI.
The code is written with ARC and iOS 5.0 support, but also uses some old classes without ARC.

See some screenshots below.

Class structure:


  • UserInfoDataProvider - gets the user info from the Instagram API
  • ImageListDataProvider - loads a list of images from the Instagram API
  • Photo - stores a single Photo json entry and provides a simple interface to access the most used keys


  • HeaderView - displays the login button. After login, the user info is displayed here.
  • ContentView - represents the area, where you can see your photos.
  • ThumbnailView - represents a single thumbnail


  • MainViewController - as the name states, this is the main / starting screen
  • FullscreenViewController - this represents the detail view of a single photo
  • WebViewController - as the name states, this wraps a webview into a controller. This class also handles the oauth callback.

What could be done better:

  • JSON Parsing should be done asynchronous in the background
  • The GridView should use a system with reusable imageviews for better performance
  • You could generate Retina thumbnails from bigger sizes for better visuals on the new iPad
  • The DataProvider is not needed anymore. We should use the block-based NSURLConnection API instead.


This project uses:

File created using the great Mou App.


iPad screenshot one

iPad screenshot two