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Kolab Groupware Documentation

This repository contains the sources for Kolab Groupware documentation.

For more information about the Kolab Groupware Solution, please see

The built documentation is available for reading at

Contributing Documentation

Contributions to the Kolab Groupware Documentation are both appreciated and encouraged.

The documentation is based on the Sphinx Documentation Generator and source files are written in reStructuredText (reST) which is very easy to learn.

Volunteers who want to help with documenting aspects of Kolab are encouraged to fork this repository and add their content or correct existing content. Once finished, please send us a pull request via GitHub.

We even have documentation on how to contribute to the documentation in this very same repository. You might find this helpful and are welcome to extend it as well.

If you want to increase the chances of your pull request being accepted, you can write a short email to Kolab's development list stating what you plan on doing. The members of the community will then either propose improvements, encourage you to go ahead or even help you with your contributions.

It is recommened to test your changes before making a pull request, by building the HTML files yourself. Please read further down for how to do this.


We would like to make Kolab available and accessible to everybody regardless of language spoken. Therefore, we encourage people to translate this documention into as many languages as possible. If you want to help with this, please read on.

The Kolab Groupware Documentation is translated via Transifex. If you do not have a Transifex account already, please register one for yourself. Then navigate to the Kolab Documentation at Transifex.

You will find that the documentation is translated into many languages already. If your language is in the list, please click it and apply for membership in this language team. If the documentation is not yet translated into your language, you can apply for a new team to be started. These requests should take the maintainers not more than a few days to accept. Usually, you are approved a lot quicker than that. Please be patient.

Using Transifex is really easy. Should you still have problems to understand one thing or the other, the Transifex Translator Guide might help you to get up to speed more quickly.

Translation Statistics

Generating HTML Files

First of all you need Python and Sphinx installed. Grab the latest version of Sphinx with

sudo easy_install -U Sphinx

This repo already contains the Sphinx project configuration and can be generated right away with the following command:

make html

The above example generates HTML online documentation with English localization for the Kolab Documentation. The HTML files can now be found in the build/html/ output directory. Please make sure that your changes do not introduce new warnings or errors during the build process.

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